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The Best Japanese Knives

Almost every foodie and chef knows that Japan produces some of the finest kitchen knives in the world, crafted using many of the traditional techniques employed in the forging of katana, the legendary swords of the samurai. However, just as there as many different styles of kitchen knife as there are types of ingredients on which they are used, there are also a wide range of manufacturers and grad...


Katsuo-bushi: A Powerhouse of Flavor in Japanese Cuisine

Katsuo-bushi (鰹節, dried bonito flakes) forms a backbone of washoku, providing an umami supercharger to all kinds of dishes ranging from dashi to okonomiyaki thanks to the presence of inosinic acid, which exerts a synergistic flavor-enhancing effect on things like the glutamic acid found in konbu and soy sauce. It’s made by boiling the body of a bonito tuna after removing the head and insides for a...


Nori, the Dried Seaweed That’s Delicious in Any Form

Despite its rather unassuming deportment, nori (海苔, dried seaweed) is an essential component of many Japanese dishes, including makizushi (sushi rolls) and onigiri (rice balls).