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Summer Festivals and Corn | Celebration & Food - Foodies J...

Summer time in Japan is festival time. Nearly every rural and urban community stages some public event. Most feature bon odori dancing and yatai stalls that sell toys, trinkets, chance-and-skill games (kingyo-sukui, goldfish-scooping with paper nets, is the all-time favorite), and lots of retro-nostalgia snacks (cotton candy and Calpis, a milky-colored, chalky-sweet, soft drink are top sellers).


Manganji Peppers | Pick this Pepper! - Foodies Japan

For many years I lived a Tale of Two Cities, maintaining homes – kitchens – in both Osaka and Tokyo. During that time I discovered the pleasures of manganji tōgarashi, a mild, tender capsicum with an earthy-rich aroma. A specialty of nearby Kyoto, the pepper thrives on strong sun and occasional heavy rains -- and that is exactly what the entire Kansai area (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka) had plenty of this s...


Bamboo Words

Bamboo shoots inspire culinary creativity at table and provide semantic fun in conversation. Here are five quirky, linguistic manifestations of takenoko;


Eel-Eating Days Of Summer

I love living in Tokyo, though the heat and persistent humidity can try my enthusiasm in the summertime. When temperatures still hover above 30 Celsius (90 F) at the end of the day, lethargy sets in. Natsubaté is what the Japanese call this listless state. And, people here believe the culinary cure for natsubaté is eating eels. Indeed, there is a special mid-summer day devoted to eel-eating, calle...