Shoraian (松籟庵)

Japan, 616-8386 Kyoto Prefecture, Ukyo-ku

Seats: 30


Open Times: Mon~Thu 11:00~17:00 Fri~Sun Holiday 11:00~20:00

Price range: Lunch: ¥3,800~¥5,800 Dinner: ¥6,300~¥10,000

Accepted: Cash / Visa / MasterCard / Amex/Diners

Smoking allowed? : No

#7. The Art of Tofu at Shoraian

The Arashiyama district to the West of Kyoto has long been the playground of Japan’s nobility, who would gather here for Heian era moon-viewing parties, writing elegiac verse and indulging in a spot of ukai cormorant fishing.


Today Arashiyama is a mecca for domestic tourists who visit its pretty bamboo groves and the magnificent Tenryuji temple. For the gourmet traveler however, the real attraction is the wonderful, tofu specialist Shoraian. Perched above the river, this beautiful building is owned by master calligrapher, Fuyoh Kobayashi, who fills the space with her powerful Zen-inspired calligraphy.

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The food is as dazzling as the artwork, the local silky tofu a real delight. The tofu kaiseki set course is highly recommended. Reservations here, especially during the Autumn maple-viewing season, are essential, but there’s no finer spot to kick back with a glass of sake, and watch the river flow by over a long, leisurely meal.

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A version of John's article originally appeared in the award-winning luxury travel and lifestyle magazine DestinAsian, the prime publication for those who love to travel, and travel in style in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Sincerest thanks for their permission to reprint it here.