Daigin Shokudo

Ginkakuji-Philosophers' Path Shokudo Canteen Higashida-cho 60, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Seats: 40

+81-75 771 0692

Open Times: 11am to 8.45pm Closed Wednesday

Price range: Less than ¥1000

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : No

I 've been a regular customer at this fabulous shokudo canteen since the late 1980s. The prices have barely changed since then, and neither has the quality of their excellent, down-to-earth fare. Their hamburg teishoku and butajiru pork soup are simply wonderful, but in the heat of July a cold bowl of somen noodles and hiyayakko cold tofu might be preferable.

Daigin Hamburg Teishoku ShokudoOne for the hungry: Daigin Shokudo's substantial hamburg teishoku set lunch

The width and breadth of their menu is spectacular, and in all these years I've never experienced anything here that wasn't top notch. The teishoku set lunches are great value, and huge; even when ravenous I always ask for gohan tsukuname - a smaller portion of white rice.

Daigin Shokudo Display Cabinet

Daigin Shokudo has no shortage of choice!

Daigin's very near to Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion, and thus draws plenty of international tourists, yet it still manages to retain its local, 'mom and pop' atmosphere. An English menu is available, but it's perhaps easier just to point at the panoply of dishes lined up in the display case.

Shokudo Soup Pork

If you are in the area on a Wednesday when Daigin Shokudo is closed might like to check out the nearby ramen shop, Masutani. This legendary place said to be the origin of 'Kyoto style ramen', with a blend of torigara chicken stock and shoyu soy sauce, topped with the seabura pork back fat.

Daigin ShokudoYes, it's a cholesterol bomb but it tastes damn fine when you are in the mood, and the regular-sized ramen costs just ¥650. It is closed Mondays and the third Tuesday. Its across Shirakawa-dori by the small canal. Map link here.