Iwasa Sushi Tsukiji ( 岩佐すし)

Japan, 104-0045 Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 5-2-1-1

Iwasa Sushi

Seats: 15


Open Times: 05:30am~14:30pm Closed Sundays, most Wednesdays, Market Closing days

Price range: ¥3000 ~ ¥4000

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : No

The Best Value Sushi in Tsukiji Market is a Japan Foodie Must-try

We've been coming here since the late 1990s, attracted by the fabulous value top-notch sushi and sashimi, and the fact that though it's often full, you rarely have to wait in a long line. Those in the know - we were introduced by the GM & the head chef at the now sadly-defunct 4-Star Hotel Seiyo Ginza - swear by Iwasa Sushi, but it hasn't received the mass TV and media exposure of nearby Daiwa Sushi and other 'Tsukiji 'big names'.Iwasa Sushi Tsukiji1

Tsukiji 'Toro' Fatty Tuna is Simply the Finest

Iwasa Sushi is run by the formidable, apron-clad Mitsue Iwata, a rarity in the largely male-dominated world of Tsukiji Market. Not only a sushi shop proprietress, she is also a registered fish broker, trading daily in the wholesale market. Iwasa-san, safe to say, knows her fish as well as anyone in the business. You know that she'll only serves the best.

Most customers at Iwasa Sushi are content to order the omakase  (literally, 'leave it to the Chef') sushi course, featuring 12 varying examples of the freshest, seasonal sushi of the day. The whole rationale behind Iwasa-san's establishment is to obtain the kind of fabulous, best quality fish served at huge expense in luxury, exclusive Ginza sushi shops, and make it available to the general public at affordable prices. It's a surefire recipe for success, and you can guarantee that the ¥3900 spent on the omakase course would cost you many more times that figure elsewhere. 

Iwasa Sushi Tsukiji 3

Iwasa Sushi's Omakase 'Chef's Recommendation' Option

If you are a fan of ikura-don salmon roe on a bowl of plain white rice, Sushi Iwasa's (pictured here below) is just awesome. At ¥1800 it's a bargain, and it goes brilliantly with a small glass of chilled sake, or hot if you're there at 05.30am on a chilly Tsukiji morning! The ¥3000 uni-don is  excellent too. Ikura Don Iwasa Sushi Tsukiji


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