Soba Roujina

Teramachi-Ebisugawa Soba Noodles/Soba Bistro Maruya-cho 691, Ebisugawa-dori, Nakagyo-ku

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Seats: 14

+050 5593 8804

Open Times: 11.30am to 2pm (last order) 5.30pm to 8.30pm (last order) Closed Monday

Price range: Lunch up to ¥2000 , Dinner around ¥3000

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : No

Lovely reasonably priced, upmarket buckwheat noodle specialist on Ebisugawa, the ‘furniture street’. It’s a short walk from Teramachi-dori. Delicately aromatic, handmade juwari soba noodles are their forté. Try the kamo seiro, cold noodles dipped into a duck-filled hot sauce, or if you are particularly hungry, the teishoku lunch set.

Soba WA duckKamo seiro duck buckwheat noodles. Exceptional quality and a bargain to boot. You will like it.

To begin with, it is respectful to eat a mouthful of noodles dipped only into salt – to acknowledge the maker’s skill – before you eat them with the dipping sauce. Unusually, you can request a stronger ‘Kanto-style’ tsuyu dipping sauce, if that’s your preference. Both Kansai and Kanto versions are excellent. In the evening Roujina becomes bistro-style and serve dishes such as tempura, anago no nikogori conger and roast duck.

They have a good sake and wine selection, and – respectfully – ask you to order one drink per person. That’s hardly an onerous task. Ebisugawa street is not that far from the main action of the Gion Festival. Yet it’s far enough to get into its restaurants with relative ease.

You can eat great soba from just¥880

However as Roujina is getting popular, be warned, it may be full. There are some other excellent budget options nearby, not least Kyohei Ramen on Teramachi-dori (stay tuned, details here very soon). Buckwheat noodle lovers should also try Honke Owariya, several blocks west.

It’s been in business since 1465. Rumor has it the Emperor sneaks in when resident at the Gosho Imperial Palace. Map link here. Their signature Horai soba is the way to go.

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