Gomacro Salon (ゴマクロサロン)

Japan, 604-8207 Kyoto Prefecture, Nakagyo Ku, Shinmachi-dori Oike Sagaru, Shinmei Cho 67-3


Seats: 18


Open Times: Lunch 11.30am to 14:00 pm

Price range: ¥1500 ~ ¥2500

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : No

Gomacro Salon (ゴマクロサロン)

Super Popular Central Kyoto Vegan & Macrobiotic Cafe

Vegan Friends in Kyoto, check out the Sesame-inspired delights at Gomacro Salon. 

hijiki burger (1)

Would you like seaweed on that, Sir? The Gomacro Vegetarian Burger

Gomacro Salon is the brainchild of one of Kyoto's rather more eccentric (and successful) entrepreneurs, Henko Yamada: his name translates as Mr Yamada the Weirdo. If Yamada-san is, by his own admission, a little weird, he is also rather wonderful: his Gomacro Salon is a total winner. The name is Mr Yamada's coinage from 'goma' the Japanese word for sesame, and the 'macro' from macrobiotic. Its healthy vegan and veggie fare is a welcome addition to the Kyoto scene.

Lunch plate (1)

The Macrobiotic Vegetable Plate

Choose from the Macrobiotic Vegetable Plate (¥1850), the gomacro Vegetarian Burger, (¥1350), the gomacro Original White Curry Set (¥1350) made with almonds or the Soymilk and Sesame Seed Miso Noodles (¥1200; ¥1550 as a set with coffee or tea and a mini desert). They also have Gluten-free sesame Chocolate Cake (¥550), smoothies and a phenomenal Sesame Brulee (¥700). All dishes do not use any food additives or artificial seasoning.  

Soymilk Ramen (1)

Soymilk and Sesame Seed Miso Ramen Noodles

If you are planning to travel through rural Japan, it's not a bad idea to buy a bottle or two of their excellemt and varied sesame dressings to ensure wherever you go you can add a vegan dressing to veggies, tofu, etc when vegan options are in short supply. They make nice souvenirs to take home, too. Sesame oil (1)

Gomacro makes excellent Sesame Oils & Dressings

Menus are available in English, and the staff can speak English too. Gomacro Salon is conveniently located in central Kyoto, a few blocks West of the Karasuma-Oike intersection on the South side of Oike Street, a short walk from the Kyoto International Manga Museum. They have a number of good take-away options too.

If you like this, also check out the excellent Kyoto vegan fare at Veg Out, Mumokuteki Cafe and Ohara Sanso. Also look forward to our upcoming feature on 'Being Vegan in Japan', our printable bilingual 'Vegetarian and Vegan Information Sheet' and more restaurant reviews. All coming soon to FGL.