Echizen Kani no Bou ( 越前 蟹の坊)

Japan, 913-0056 Fukui, Sakai, Mikuni-cho Shuku 1-16

Kani no Bou

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Seats: 40


Open Times: Mon~Fri 11:00~15:00; 17:00~20:30 (LO 19:30) Sat, Sun 11:00~20:30 (LO 19:30)

Price range: ¥1730 ~ ¥37500

Accepted: Cash/Cards OK

Smoking allowed? : No

Looking for the finest Seafood in Fukui?

Then check out Kani no Bou. In our travels across Japan we've eaten some of the freshest, highest quality seafood in Japan. And of course, that means some of the freshest, highest quality seafood on the planet Kani no Bou Crab Fukui

Kani no Bou is just crabtastic!

Yes, we admit it, we're spoiled. From Hokkaido to Southern Kyushu we've sampled the best, but even by our exacting standards the fresh seafood at Fukui prefecture's famed Kani no Bou is something special. Echizengani Crab_3104Their Echizengani crab, caught (and tagged as proof) in the waters in front of the restaurant itself, is superb. Firm, delicate yet deep, just about perfect in every way. Not surprisingly, their sashimi is also top notch, and even their humbler dishes are done to perfection. The crab gratin and ebi furai are brilliant. They also have a great selection of local sakes to accompany your feast. Kokuryu is our favorite.

Crab Gratin


Kani no Bou belongs to the luxury Hokuriku ryokan, Bouyourou, and like its illustrious owner, it is extremely popular. Reservations (via their website or FB page), especially at the height of the crab season from December to late March, are essential. Budget at least ¥8000 per person, with that number increasing considerably as the quality and quantity of the crab feast rises. We believe it's worth the splurge. Ebi Furai kani no bou Fukui

Kani no Bou is just a few minutes' walk from the Mikuni Minato station on the Echizen Dentetsu railway, which is about 50-minutes from Fukui station. It's a slow train! Stops 23 times. 

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