Ramen no Daiko (ラーメンの大公)

Japan, 064-0806 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 2 Jo Nishi 5-1


Seats: 30


Open Times: 11 am - 11 pm

Price range: ~ ¥1200

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : Yes

You Like Butter And Sweetcorn In Your Sapporo Ramen Japanese Noodles? Then You'll Love Ramen No Daiko

Oh Boy This Is Good! You Can't Beat Old School Sapporo Miso Ramen

Daiko proudly boasts that it hasn't changed the style or taste of its legendary miso ramen since it doors opened in 1966. It is the ramen shop unofficially voted as 'best' from the city's thousands by those who should know - the massed ranks of the Sapporo City Taxi Drivers' Union.

The main dish here is an 'old school' Hokkaido-style miso ramen, Buttercorn Ramen (850) with a miso flavor base and a generous topping of sweetcorn and Hokkaido butter. Some observers don't take kindly to this taste pairing, but we love it, especially in the depths of a Sapporo winter. There are also regular miso, shoyu, wonton, spicy miso and gekikara 'wildly spicy' miso and salt noodles available, The natsukashi ramen - it means 'nostalgic ramen' - is a lighter version with menma, spinach and egg topping.

Daiko also does a brisk trade in that other Japanese cut-price staple, curry rice. If you are particularly hungry, we suggest you get the miso ramen and curry rice lunch special (850) available until 2pm.

Daiko is one block West from Tanukikoji Station on the Sapporo Shiden Tram Line, or an eight minute walk from either Odori-koen or Susukino subway stations.


 Ramen No Daiko Hasn't Changed In Decades. That's A Compliment.

The Best ramen we have had since we came to japan. Absolutely brilliant - Elizabeth, Germany, Airline cabin crew

We last visited Daiko on a freezing Saturday evening in January 2017. The streets of the nearby Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade were packed with tourists and revellers, but it was possible to get a seat at Daiko without waiting in line. Always a bonus. An off-duty aircrew from Europe was partying hard, and enthusiastically raving about their noodles.

Rightly so. Daiko's policy of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it' certainly works. Great broth, noodles cooked to perfection, and that buttercorn combination certainly works for me. Thus Daiko makes it to Number Two on my list of 'Five Great Ramen Shops to Visit During the Sapporo Snow Festival'.

Daiko is easy to find, a short walk from the Tanukikoji Tram Stop, round the corner from the LAOX store. An English menu is available.

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