Mendokoro Maruha BEYOND (麺所まるはBEYOND)

Japan, 064-0806 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Toyohira Ward, Nakanoshima 1 Jo 3-7-8

Maruha Beyond

Seats: 12


Open Times: 11 am - 3 pm, 5 pm - 8.45 pm (Monday to Friday) 11 am - 3 pm, 5 pm - 8 pm (Saturday and Sunday) Closed Tuesday & 3rd Wednesday

Price range: ~ ¥1000

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : No

An Innovative Modern Alternative Take On Sapporo Miso Ramen - With A Fish Stock

Maruha Beyond Horizontal Miso ramen sapporo.jpg
Maruha BEYOND's Miso Ramen Packs A Decidedkly Fishy Punch.

Quite exactly what the name means I am not sure. What is it 'beyond'? Beyond the pale? Beyond reason? Beyonsd fantastic? Most likely it means 'beyond the normal interpretation of Hokkaido-style miso ramen

Maruha BEYOND eschews traditional perceptions with a strong addition of gokairui-style 'fisherman's stock', a blend of - we suspect - katsuo bonito and small iwashi sardines, to bring a contemporary taste to an old staple. Their shoyu ramen is more traditional.

Maruha Beyond_8832-sapporo-ramen.jpg

 The Shoyu Soy Sauce Ramen Is More Conventional

i sometimes get fed up of 'regular' miso ramen so i drop by here for a change. it's pretty fantastic if you ask me - Harukhiko s, office worker, 26

Maruha Beyond Sapporo ramen.jpg


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