Ramen Shingen Rokujo-ten (らーめん信玄 六条店)

Japan, 064-0806 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 6 Jo Nishi 8-8-2

Seats: 13


Open Times: 11.30 am - 1 am

Price range: ~ ¥1312

Accepted: Cash only

Smoking allowed? : Yes

We Believe Shingen Has The Best Sapporo Ramen Japanese Noodles in Town. Period.

Everything Is Great From Charshiu To Broth To The Noodles Themselves.

Named after 16th-Century warlord Takeda Shingen, this noodle shop was originally founded in Hokkaido's Ishikari district. This Sapporo Rokujo branch is another miso ramen specialist, but it also has other strings to its noodle bow. Shingen_9124-Miso-Ramen-Sapporo-Snow-Festival.jpg

Choose from Shinshu Koku Miso, literally 'Deep Nagano Miso'; Mito, a thich soy shoyu-base named after the city in Ibaraki prefecture; Tosa, the Kochi-inspired lighter-flavored shio salt ramen; Echigo, Niigata-influenced spicy ramen noodles; Harima, thick, salty ramen out of South-west Hyogo; or the light Nagoya-styled shoyu soy sauce ramen, Oari. These are all ¥735. The Kakuni-men, at ¥945, features simmered pork rather than regular charshiu, and you can choose any flavor base. Shingen is a two minute walk from Higashi Honganji-mae on the Sapporo Shiden Tram Line, two stops from Susukino. The shop is non-smoking until 4pm. In the evening it offers great value 'set menu' of Tosa ramen, gyoza and beer for ¥1312.


 Shingen Actually Uses Miso From Nagano To Make Its Sapporo Miso Ramen. Go Figure.

we come to japan from hong kong at least twice a year and we always try to come here. the miso is the best - T.Chen, HK

You can expect to have to wait in line, especially during the busy weekend lunch times, but the staff are very efficient and its rare the wait exceeds thirty minutes. During the Yukimatsuri Snow Festival though, all bets are off. Still worth it though. If you'd like some other great ramen recommendations, check out here and here.


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