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Budget Bites during the Gion Matsuri: #1 Eitaro

In this series of articles, John Ashburne recommends his ten favorite high-quality spots to dine during the festivities. Indeed, at any time of the year. The average level of culinary skill in Kyoto is so high, that you can eat well all year round very inexpensively. At most of these places you'll come away having spent less than ¥1000. Here's #1.


Nishikikoji-Karasuma Ramen, Udon & Izakaya Karasuma Nishiki Buil. 1F, Nishiki Karasuma Higashi Iru

Japanese Website

+81-75 -211-2239

Open Times: 11.30 am - 10 pm

Price range: Less than ¥1000

Accepted: Cash only

Smokers allowed? : No

Seats: 24


Veritable, Ancient, Inexpensive, Fabulous. Tagoto Soba Any...

Wherever you wander in Japan you'll come across eateries boasting the establishment's ancient heritage, in English. 'Since 2014' reads a cafe near my house, 'Since 2017' the patissier. Tagoto, in Kyoto's downtown Sanjo arcade, doesn't actually announce the date of its creation -1869 -the first year of the reign of the Meiji Emperor. Perhaps it should? It's been making wonderful, inexpensive soba b...


Downtown-Sanjo-Kawaramachi 12 Ishibashi-cho, Sanjo-dori Teramachi Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Japanese Website

English Website

+81-75 221 3030

Open Times: 11am to 9pm

Price range: Less than ¥1500

Accepted: Cash / Credit cards

Smokers allowed? : Yes

Seats: 78