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Tsukiji Cooking (like FGL, a member of the SHARE Pro group) offers great opportunities for Human Resource Development, with our fun and entertaining team-building cooking program, right here in the heart of Tokyo beside the world-famous Tsukiji Market.

Please visit our website for calendars and more information. From small groups to large workshops we are delighted to take care of your every need. Please call +81-80-5966-4378  for any inquiry,   

Tsukiji Cooking, is a market pioneer in providing cooking classes to overseas visitors to Japan, and has been offering classes on Japanese cuisine since 2013. Our original Corporate Team Building Cooking Classes in English - a very new concept here in  Japan - have proven popular with a range of top International corporations since day one.

Lately we have expanded our program to include Japanese corporations and overseas corporations already established in Japan.

What is Team Building Through Cooking?

Team building through cooking is an interactive and fun-filled experience for everyone involved, and is an ideal way to improve the communication skills of participants, and encourage group bonding in a real and meamingful manner. Check out What's Cooking at  TSUKIJI COOKING


Corporate Team Building Through Cooking is ideal if you are looking to:

  • Combine team building with the chance to enjoy an authentic Japanese food experience, cooking in Tokyo with local experts
  • Raise awareness regarding the relationship between Food, the Mind and the Body
  • Focus on improving communications within the group, icebreaking, and encouraging a communal spirit of enjoyment 
  • Participate in a program, which offers the experience of in-depth organizational management, learning of effective strategies, improvement of productivity, and more
  • Enjoy an intensive, practical group experience, even within a limited timescale, with our expert, friendly staff here at Tsukiji Cooking

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Why Corporate Team Building Through Cooking? Because It Works.

Culinary team building programs represent some of the most effective and popular employee bonding experiences available on the market today. We offer a number of corporate cooking programs, including workshops, challenges, market tours, and dining events that help build teams, develop employee motivation, and improve communication while offering fun and excitement for corporate organizations and groups.

Team-building activities are beneficial for all businesses, large or small, for promoting better teamwork in the workplace, and as most business owners and managers know, great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with a company's success.

Enjoying the Japanese meals you have prepared and created together over a glass of fine sake will further enhance the festive mood and communication among the team members after all of your hard work. Feel free to inquire regarding programs that can be tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

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 What Our Customers Say:

"Everyone had a great time. We learned about Japanese culture as well as about the cuisine. I wouldn't hesitate to arrange another workshop for our employees here"
-Mr T. A. Head of Human Resources at a global IT corporation, USA.

"We got to know each other in a way I hadn't imagined we ever would. I saw strengths and skills in my colleagues that I had no idea existed. And it was so much fun"
- Ms K. P. CEO of international trading company, Europe.

Tsukiji Cooking (a part of the Share Pro group) 

Great Japanese Cooking Classes with world class fresh ingredients at Tsukiji Fish market.

Learn To Make Your Favorite  Japanese Food At Tsukiji Cooking!



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