Best Vegan Experiences in Kyoto: #2

Ohara Sanso, kyoto vegetarian in sakyo ward

Anyone For A Kyoto Vegan Lunch And Hot-Spring Bath in a Beautiful Rural Japanese Farmhouse? 

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Where can I find vegetarian food in Kyoto? Ok, we admit, this isn't solely a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, and there's just the one vegan dish on the menu, but that doesn't stop us going back time and time again. If you like your hot-spring bathing, Japan's beautiful countryside,  a couple of fabulous Buddhist temples, along with a great vegan onigiri rice ball lunch set, this is for you. We think Ohara Sanso rocks.

Located in the picturesque rural village of Ohara, about a twenty-five minute bus ride from Demachiyanagi or Kokusaikaikan stations, this secluded hot-spring lodging has long been our favorite getaway when in need of relaxation and good food. Call in advance to reserve the onigiri set, pictured above. 

The dishes are, clockwise from the top: goma dofu sesame tofu; home-made miso soup; hatake niku, literally 'meat from the field' - made in fact from daizu soybeans; seri spring greens; shibazuke and takuanzuke pickles; onigiri and dried nori laver. Wrap the rice balls in the nori and enjoy! Check out What's Cooking at  TSUKIJI COOKING

It's up to you whether you bathe or eat first. The indoor and outdoor onsen baths, segregated by gender, are great. Lunch is available from 11.30 am to 14.30 pm, and the baths from 11.30 am to 15.30pm. Ohara sanso is a thirteen minute walk from the Sanzenin Bus Terminal.

While you are in this part of town, why not check out the fabulous temples Jakkoin and Sanzenin. The latter is especially beautiful during the autumn koyo leaf-viewing season.

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Ohara Sanso

Address: 17 Ohara Kusao-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 601-1248
Phone: 075-744-2227

Find directions

Seats: 24
Tatami room or tables available
11.30am to 15.30pm
Closed Monday & some other days

Lunch: ¥1600 
Non-vegan dinner and overnight stay available 

Reservations recommended • Cards OK • Non-Smoking.