Stormtroopers Ate My Japanese Curry, dude

Foodies Go... Tokyo ComiC Con

Break Out Stormtrooper Rations! Curry! Sumo Soup! Weird Potato Fries! Girls With Pink Hair!  

Yeah, if you hadn't guessed it, Foodies Go Local is at Tokyo Comic Con. It is so boring I can't even... ha ha ha! No it isn't. It roooooooocks! In-between shmoozing with Matts Madsen (ok, we saw him at a long distance: he loves sukiyaki) and chowing on down on sushi with Steve 'The Woz' Wozniak (Ok, a friend of a Japanese dude dressed as Thor swore this is true) we hit the food court big time to try the food at Tokyo Comic Con.

Stormtrooper Curry Rice Tokyo Comic Con..jpg

 I told you, I told you, they eat curry rice. Despite evidence to the contrary


Anyway, as we say Tokyo Comic Con is pretty neat. The Editor-in-Chief wishes to announce, categorically, that  mochimochi potato fries are the thing with blue ladies, and pink ozoni is all the rage with the pink-haired crowd:

Blue lady Tokyo Comic Con.jpgMochi-mochi potato is clearly not for those counting calories.mochimochi potato Tokyo Comic Con.jpg

Pink Lady Tokyo Comic Con..jpg

The lady above admitted that her pink hair was chosen to match the ozoni soup, while the forestry representative below favored Shizuoka fried chicken.  How's that for Comic Con food commitment? 

Nibbly lady Tokyo Comic Con..jpg

May I get me some sumo soup? It's from my old sumo wrestler favorite Terao's stable btw, chanko nabe. If you don't like it, they throw you through the roof. 

Gentle Sumo food  Tokyo Comic Con.jpg


This is Ms Rose. She recommends eating whatever you fancy. Or else... Actually, like everyone at Tokyo Comic Con Rose was super friendly. 

Rose-san- Tokyo Comic Con..jpg







Cheese Gallettes Tokyo Comic Con.jpg

 Soba buckwheat galettes with raclette cheese were selling like, er, hot cakes. Hajimari.jpg

Tokyo Comic Con  is still on at Makuhari Messe, Chiba. Today, Sunday December 3rd is the last day. 

Chicken nuggets Tokyo Comic Con.jpg

The Shizuoka chicken nugget lady says hi. 

John F. Ashburne

John F. Ashburne

Editor-in-Chief Foodies Go Local