Toyosu Fish Market: News So Far

Where is Toyosu? What is it? How do I get there? Can I see the auctions? Are the Tsukiji Sushi shops moving?

Tsukiji Fish Market is moving.  If you want to know more about the new fish market, we've created this post for you.  It contains updated information on moving times, how to get there and what you can do when you're there. Keep checking back for more updates. 

How Do I Get To Toyosu Fish Market? 

The Toyosu Fish market is to be located in Koto Ward, around 4km East of Tsukiji Fish Market and access is via the the Yurikamome line to Shijo-mae (station number U14) . 

Yurikamome Line. From Yurikamome Shimbashi Station (Station U01) to Toyosu Market: Shimbashi →Shijo-mae (Yurikamome line, direct, 28 minutes, ¥380). If you are coming from anywhere on Odaiba (Intercontinental Tokyo Bay) or Shiodome (Conrad Hotel), this is the most convenient route.

Yurikamome to Shijo-mae (1)


Yurakucho Line. Another option is to take the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line subway to Toyosu (station number Y22) and transfer to the Yurikamome line to Shijo-maeFrom Yurakucho Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho, Hibiya, Chiyoda and JR lines)  Toyosu it takes 8 minutes, and costs ¥170. Change to Yurikamome line → Shijo-mae (Direct, 3 minutes, ¥190). This is most convenient if you are coming from most stations on the Yamanote line, Tokyo Station area, Iidabashi and Ikebukuro.

Subway Map to Toyosu Market Tokyo


From Tokyo Station to Toyosu Market: Tokyo → Yurakucho (JR lines, 5 minutes, ¥140)→  5 minutes' walk & Yurakucho Station → Toyosu (Yurakucho line, 8 minutes, ¥170. Total cost ¥310, around 22 minutes. A taxi cab from Tokyo Station/Marunouchi district is estimated to take around 25 minutes and cost ¥4000, depending on traffic.

Ikura Don Iwasa sushi Tsukiji Toyosu Tokyo


What Is Toyosu Exactly? How Do I Get Around?

Toyosu is the area name, and will no doubt soon become synonymous with the new market. The new facility's full name is the Toyosu Shin Shijo, 豊洲新市場 in Japanese, which can also be read - but not officially in this case - as Toyosu Shin Ichiba. To make things even more complicated, its official name is Tokyoto Chuo Oroshiuri Shijo Toyosu Shijo. It is expected to look something like this (picture courtesy of the market's Japanese website): Toyosu Market Artist Impression

 It is the new location for wholesale and some retail businesses, and eateries, moving lock stock and  barrel from the legendary Tsukiji Fish Market. It has taken years of planning to orchestrate the move, amid concerns and opposition on a whole range of issues. However, most informed sources agree that sooner or later the move is on.

The market will be huge, and at time of writing (June 12th, 2018), it is not fully clear how visitors will gain access to the site, and how much they will be permitted to see. It is expected that shuttle buses will be running from Shijo-mae station and, likely, other venues. Please check here regularly. Tuna_auction_Tsukiji_Fish_Market_Tokyo; Joe de Sousa


Can We See The Famous Early-morning Tuna Auctions?

As yet we don't know. The Tokyo Governor has promised to 'retain the character of Tsukiji Fish Market', though that seems like a tall ask. Let's hope the powers of be realize the value for tourism in keeping the auctions open to visitors. 

Iwasa Sushi Tsukiji Market Toyosu Market

Are Tsukiji Fish Market's Famous Sushi Shops Moving To Toyosu Market?

You bet. Not all of them are delighted about the prospect of having to take buses from the station to their new stores, but the promise of more modern, easy-to-clean facilities are a big draw - if those promises are realized. Not all are convinced.

At the time of writing our favorite Iwasa Sushi (pictured above), and 38 other long-established eateries have confirmed that they will move. Stay tuned for an update on the exact details, coming here soon. Certain sushi retailers however are less than enamored with the idea. A group representing 717 sushi shops who buy their ingredients at Tsukiji Fish Market are still opposing the move as of June 12th, 2018.

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Please note that the Tsukiji External Retail Market (筑地場外 Jogai) is not going anywhere, and there  remains plenty for the tourist to see and do in Tsukiji. Only the professional wholesale concessions, the Tsukiji Wholesale Market (筑地場内 Jonai) is relocating to the new site at Toyosu.  

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