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Favorite Tipples. Koro Sake And Pilsner Urquell Beer. Sepa...

I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, it’s usually Pilsner Urquell. OK, that’s not true. It is usually from one of Japan’s quite passable large brewing companies. But without a doubt, my favorite beer in the world is Pilsner Urquell. And that tells you a lot about my preferences.


Drinking in Japan: An Introduction. On Izakaya and Red-Fac...

Whether you’re drinking the locally brewed beer of Hokkaido, the fine sakes of Kyoto and Hyogo, or the grain liquor shochu of Kyushu and the awamori firewater of Okinawa, the party will no doubt be hopping.


Whether it's Beer, Bi-ru, or Bakushu, the Japanese Love th...

The Japanese love beer bi-ru (rhymes, sort-of, with ear-oo), and although their brews cannot compete with the variety and quality of, say, their European counterparts, beer drinking is an essential part of the culture.